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Tiramisu-Style Banana Bourbon Trifle

And the official reason we had too much (err– no such thing, but you know what I mean) mascarpone cream for the last post — this dessert. This was for a great dinner party my fantastic chef-friend threw a couple weekends ago, and this was our contribution. Our contribution, let me clarify, but his creation; specifically requested. And I will keep this in mind, for any other desserts that need to be designed. Because the combinations of flavors and textures worked perfectly.

Officially, this is a Tiramisu-style banana trifle — 4 layers of mascarpone cream, fresh banana bread brushed with a bourbon simple syrup, and flambéed bananas in a brown-sugar-butter bourbon and walnut sauce. Just like with traditional Tiramisu, it’s best to make this dish with plenty of time to spare, and let the flavors soak into one another before serving.

And yes — it is fun to flambé.




Mini Tiramisu!

Single-serving Tiramisu! Also known as “we-have-extra-mascarpone” and “what-can-I-do-with-these-ladyfingers-in-the-cupboard” — yeah. Super dangerous.

Also, the photos are of the worst quality because 1) it was late at night, and therefore dark, and 2) I wasn’t willing to mess around long enough to take a decent photo. My husband was actually lurking in the background waiting for the perfect moment to strike. And he did. He swiped up his dish about two seconds after this photo.

And oh — we didn’t have any rum (I know — right?!) so I used Frangelico instead. It was a fantastic substitution. The only downside was that with all the espresso, I had a hard time falling asleep that night.. a consequence I’m more than happy to take, any day. Or night.

S’mores Whoopie Pies

Dreamy. Indulgent. Use melted swiss chocolate. Graham crackers in your cookie batter. Buttercream marshmallow frosting filling. Serve while still warm and gooey. Yes. Dreamy.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Hello Hazelnut, And..

.. and well used recipes,

.. and chocolate pastry cream,

.. and homemade hazelnut praline,

and… cake? Where’s my cake? Ahh, there you are.

Yes, I know it’s March. But this is my favorite cake. And I’m making it on strict request — and how can you say no to this cake. Seriously. I’d make this cake just for myself, if I didn’t know any better.

And for the title — we’re not just talking about any hazelnut.

But hazelnut praline.

Ahh. Yes.

I know.

This is what I’ve been up to all morning. And what I’ll be doing all evening? — eating. This cake (which, by definition — even in March — is a glorious Bûche de Noël). Yum. (And in between the baking and the eating — working out).

Hello PB + Chocolate

Just took these out of the freezer.

I need to get back to yoga.

Hello Tiramisu

Yes. Tiramisu.

Yes. This is the inside of my freezer.

And yes. It was amazing. Without a doubt, the best dessert I’ve ever made. And that’s a pretty big deal.  I’d like to show you what it looked like served, plated — but it didn’t last long enough for that. I did put some love into this dessert. I mean, I even made the ladyfingers. Honest. And if you’ve never had homemade Tiramisu — well, you just talk to me. I’ll hook you up.