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The Zebra Cake — Detail Photos!

Introducing the latest cake, sneak-peak…

… more to come later in the week… stay tuned.


Baby Elephant Shower — The Cake!

Well, and the cookies too..

And the cupcakes — Red velvet, yum…

And just one more sweet detail shot. Aww.

Ok, maybe one more.

But now — the cake!

( .. and — the back of the cake, also cute) ..

With the flag banner I made the night before, announcing the new baby boy..

Finally — the sweet baby elephant baby-shower cake, in all its glory.

You’ve seen me hint about this cake, and maybe caught a couple of the earlier detail photos, but now here are the last quick details: it was 100% edible, carrot w/ cream cheese frosting + white cake with vanilla buttercream; fondant decorated with a 50-50 gumpaste/fondant ratio for the elephant and the standing leaves, both of which I made a few days in advance so that they’d be solid enough to stand on their own. This was my first cake using fondant decorations, and my 3rd cake using fondant in general.

Other than the elephant, those simple roses might have been my favorite touch to this cake — just cake it a bit of charm and sweetness!  The cake plate was just purchased days earlier from Pier 1 — and let me tell you, I love this cake plate. It made the entire presentation look so much more professional, than using a disposable cardboard cake plate. Sometimes you have to use what you have, but for 14.95 I am definitely going to go buy more (they have a smaller size too — but my cakes were 8″ and 6″ and the size I bought was perfect).

Hope you like! I have events every weekend this month, including two bridal showers and three children’s parties — so wish me luck, and I’ll have more to post soon!

Sneak Peak… Elephant Baby Shower

To be continued…

Hello Twin Fondant Babies

99% adorable. And — ok, 1% creepy. But we can agree, mostly they’re just adorable.

It would be hard to eat them.. personally, as adorable as these are, I probably wouldn’t have any tiny-sized babies on a cake I wanted to eat. And I wouldn’t recommend eating them. Even though they are 100% edible. You might get some weird looks.

These are so tiny you could hold them both in one hand. The pacifiers are no bigger than a pin. I hand painted the tiny details on their faces with the tiniest paint brush, using food coloring gels. And I fit them individually into my tiniest containers, so that I could save them until I know of someone having twins. Not creepy. It’s not like you can put them on a birthday cake.

Ok — maybe creepy was a little harsh. They really are pretty sweet.


Hello Sweet Detail

Oh. And you are so sweet. I didn’t use you today, but you gave me some great ideas. Thank you, extra melted white chocolate. That doesn’t sound quite right.. it wasn’t extra-melted. You know what I mean. I hope.

Don’t extra-melt your chocolate. This is bad.

Meringues are good.