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S’mores Whoopie Pies

Dreamy. Indulgent. Use melted swiss chocolate. Graham crackers in your cookie batter. Buttercream marshmallow frosting filling. Serve while still warm and gooey. Yes. Dreamy.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


Ninjago Cookies!

Ninjago cookies — how great! I wish I’d taken my camera to the birthday party — the birthday boy’s mom went way above and beyond and created a magical Ninjago world for his party! She hand-made stuffed ninja toys (for throwing — adorable!!), put together the Chinese to-go goodie boxes (which the cookies were for) — paper lanterns hanging all throughout the house, the handmade ninja birthday banner — it was all so incredible! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the big day! (Edit — pictures now available, see the cake post for party pics!!)

Happy 6th birthday Ryan!

(A big thank you to Jill FCS for the great cookie inspiration!)

Northwest Face Logo Cookies

Yes. I have a full-time day job. How else could I afford to make so many cookies, cakes, desserts.. and afford not only a couple’s gym membership, but an unlimited hot yoga membership! (Haha — yeah, it’s expensive too.) But back to the cookies. Yes — I am a good employee. And if this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is. My boss is going to love me in the morning. And this isn’t my only surprise. You’ll see.

(And — not bad, right? See original logo here).

Happy Easter Cookies!

Happy Easter everyone! I made these last night for my mom.. yeah, I’m a total softie for that sort of thing. You can see the Easter “basket” we bought, in the last photo — I put the carrots in the grass sticking up so it looked like a tiny garden.. yeah, it was too cute!

These cookies were my favorite to make by far.. hope you like too!

Baby Elephant Shower — The Cake!

Well, and the cookies too..

And the cupcakes — Red velvet, yum…

And just one more sweet detail shot. Aww.

Ok, maybe one more.

But now — the cake!

( .. and — the back of the cake, also cute) ..

With the flag banner I made the night before, announcing the new baby boy..

Finally — the sweet baby elephant baby-shower cake, in all its glory.

You’ve seen me hint about this cake, and maybe caught a couple of the earlier detail photos, but now here are the last quick details: it was 100% edible, carrot w/ cream cheese frosting + white cake with vanilla buttercream; fondant decorated with a 50-50 gumpaste/fondant ratio for the elephant and the standing leaves, both of which I made a few days in advance so that they’d be solid enough to stand on their own. This was my first cake using fondant decorations, and my 3rd cake using fondant in general.

Other than the elephant, those simple roses might have been my favorite touch to this cake — just cake it a bit of charm and sweetness!  The cake plate was just purchased days earlier from Pier 1 — and let me tell you, I love this cake plate. It made the entire presentation look so much more professional, than using a disposable cardboard cake plate. Sometimes you have to use what you have, but for 14.95 I am definitely going to go buy more (they have a smaller size too — but my cakes were 8″ and 6″ and the size I bought was perfect).

Hope you like! I have events every weekend this month, including two bridal showers and three children’s parties — so wish me luck, and I’ll have more to post soon!

Hello Macaron

Ah. Macaron. Your pied is so beautiful. We get along so well. Thank you for not collasping, in the oven, crushing all my hopes and dreams. Although you’ve done that in the past.

I forgive you.


Hello Cupcake, err — Cupcake Cookie?

I’ve just realized — I’m going to have a hard time coming up with names if I keep along with this theme. Hmm. Well — a problem for another day.

There’s been a lot of posts for Friday — after a whole week of a lot of nothing. Yes, I apologize. And no — I really haven’t been that busy in the kitchen. These are a few of the things I’ve made in the past few weeks. Like these cupcake cookies. I played around with the idea of doing these for the baby shower — the baby girl’s room is a “cupcake” theme — but in the end I went with the more traditional route (and loved the result). But these are also just as loveable! I swear — and yummy.

I gave these all away. I know — very sad.

Hello Cookie – Baby Edition!

I love these cookies.


So sweet. So buttery. So… vanilla bean?

Oh — and they are cute too. Of course. It’s a baby shower. Baby showers are kinda cute by design, really. It’s hard not to get all cutesy when doing something for a baby shower.

These were actually for a personal friend of mine, for her sister’s baby shower last Saturday. They turned out exactly as I hoped, every detail. Very beautiful — they might even be one of the most favorite things I’ve made. I definitely have a soft spot for babies, baby showers, and for these cookies! So pink, so soft — aww gosh, just so dang sweet. Coming up with the colors, designs.. then making it all come together.. this was great fun.

And delicious.

Hello Meringues

You’re just going to have to trust me.. these look much better in person. Night lighting = bad lighting. But these turned out perfect. Pretty happy! And getting a little sleepy. Must carry on.

Edit — ahhh. We got some daylight photos today. Bad photos removed. Enjoy.

Hello Monsters


These were supposed to be for a baby shower. And then the baby shower was postponed. But I still had cookies. So I made monsters. Love, love them.  Especially the pink one. Even though I’m pretty sure he’s flipping everyone the bird. Oh well — can’t stop monsters from behaving badly.

Hello Snowflake

Yeah, it’s not Christmas anymore. But won’t it be exciting when it’s time again for these kinds of cookies! Oh, love. These were for the Christmas party, and I spent hours on them. And the other 72 decorated cookies I made (which you can kind of make out in the background, a little). And the 84 decorated cupcakes. And the 96 cake pops. And (most impressively) — the three Yule Logs. This was the most baking I’d ever done at one time — in 48 hrs straight. I loved it.

Hello Baby Shower

So I’ve got this baby shower tomorrow..

Officially, this is my 2nd paid gig — the first one being for our company Christmas party last December. I’m charging her 50.00 for supplies but really I have no idea how much the supplies cost. I do know that 50.00 will get me some more vanilla, and offset the amount of butter I just purchased from Costco. I go through a lot of butter.

I know absolutely that I’m about to make way too much food, but I don’t really mind, especially since I’m the one who suggested too much food. This is the original inspiration for the desserts. I’m making meringues and cream puffs, cupcakes and cake pops. Really I’m just excited she asked me to do it. And I should be working on that,  instead of being here. But the cookies are done! And they are beautiful, if I do say so myself.