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Teal & Purple Cake Pop Sparkles!

And as promised — purple and teal cake pops! And actually, these were glitter purple and teal cake pops — yes, fancy, I know! I like using sanding sugar best when trying to give some sparkle to my cake pops, but nothing sparkles like disco-dust glitter (and yes, it’s edible). I’ve done the super-sparkle pops before (entirely covered in disco dust) but to me the mouth-full of glitter (although edible) is distracting. But just adding the sparkle to the detail like with these, worked great! A great compromise, the sparkle look without too much glitter damage (yes, you will be covered in sparkles).

The sparkle in person is just stunning (and my photography skills are not quite).

So for now you’ll just have to trust me. Stunning, and delicious.


Pirates & Pirate Ships — Ahoy Cake Pops!

“Arrgh, matey!”

I love when I get to make things like this — cute!!

These were part of a “Sparkles and Fairies” birthday party, with the pirates being a cute addition for the little boys who would be at the party too. The pirate ships were just an extra thought, I decided we’d try and see how they would look with my pirates — and they couldn’t have been any cuter! I was so pleased with how they turned out. I designed how I wanted the pirate ship flags to look, and Lee put them all together! He’s really my favorite part of the “co.”  — the dogs, really are zero help.

These were a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream cake pop, with pink funfetti sprinkle inside. We made the birthday girl a tiny birthday cake too, which was also funfetti (something to blow out the candles, which you can’t exactly do with cake pops!). Funfetti looks so much cooler when it’s done from scratch; you wouldn’t believe how bright the colors turn out. Luckily with these cake pops, the pink funfetti didn’t make the pirates look too girly.

The sparkle cake pops from this party will be up soon — and I got the word directly from the birthday girl herself that she loved them! So hope you like too!  Until next time,  — “Ahoy Mateys”!

Cake Pop Blues

Birthday blue cake pops, another surprise birthday! The photos really don’t show how beautiful the shades of blue were. They were dipped in a baby-blue coating, then swirled with a Carribean-blue shade. For an adult twist, we used the Bailey’s frosting again in these cake pops, which really gave them a very indulgent, unique taste!

Loving using bright colors on cake pops. We’re looking at only two more events for May (taking off most of memorial day weekend!) — and a very busy June, so we might see some more bright colors coming soon!

On the calendar:

  • A 30th Birthday Cake
  • My Little Pony party
  • A Faries and Pirates Birthday Party
  • A Dinner Party Event
  • A BBQ theme party
  • A Corporate Event
  • Father’s Day
  • And, my dad’s and brother’s birthdays too!

Ah, June — summertime.. it’s almost here!

Fox Cake Pops — The Tutorial!

Ok — I said earlier that I would, and here it is!

We’re gonna keep it simple, and jump right in with the pictures (and a few quick tips). And you’ll let me know if you have any questions. If you need help on how to start making the cake pops, check out some of the tutorials by Bakerella (I’ve never made these with a mix, but you can). Don’t be afraid to get creative with the flavors — different flavor cake, frosting, mix-ins, even try adding flavored extracts to your chocolate or candy melt coating — delicious. Ok, here we go!

1. Take a medium-sized scoop (I used my Oxo 40, which is 1½ TBSP).

2. Scoop out your cake pops so that all of your pops are uniform in size. My dough was chilled before this step, so that I didn’t have to work too fast, since I knew it would take me some time to get each step photographed (you don’t want your dough to get too soft, or it’s hard to form your shapes in the next steps).

3. Find your inspiration — I found this tiny ceramic fox at Etsy. (You won’t much on fox cake pops well.. anywhere online. So get creative).

4. Take your cake ball and form into your shape. At this point, it’s best to make one cake pop from start to finish, so that you make sure you like your shape (then you can copy for the rest).

5. Take your candy melts and cut into quarters. These will be used for the fox ears.

6. Take your ear, and dip one side into your melted chocolate candy melts.

7. Like this! It doesn’t matter which side — dipping different sides will give your foxes more character (floppy ears make for adorable foxes).

8. Attach your ears with the melted chocolate. Especially if your pops are still somewhat cool, the ears will adhere to the body almost instantly. Even if not, they will solidify quickly and stay attached as you placed them.

9. Here we got a few going at once. Starting to look more like foxes!

10. Stick your fox in the freezer for just a few minutes, to get solid again. I have mine sitting on parchment paper — you don’t want the fox to stick to your freezer. You also don’t want these to freeze at this step — don’t forget about them! Just a few minutes is enough time.

Now — important — I missed a step taking my photos! You want to follow the normal cake pop directions at this point: take your cake pop stick, dip the tip into your melted chocolate candies, and stick it into the base of your fox. Do this before your pop gets too solid, then place back in the freezer for a few minutes longer.

11. When your cake pop is solid again, dip the entire front side of your fox into the white melted chocolate candies. You want to make sure you’ve gotten the belly and lower face covered. You don’t need to be too careful at this stage — anything more you cover will get recovered when we dip the orange (next step).

12. Side view.

13. Ok — we’re moving quickly in our photos now, hope you’re still following along! This might be your scariest step, but don’t worry. Take your melted orange chocolate candies (we mixed parts yellow, red, and white candies until we got the color orange we liked). Dip your fox, back first, into the orange. You want to dip far enough to reach past your white chocolate. Think of it as if you are giving your fox a bath, as if you were baptizing him (but not in a blasphemous way).

14. Here’s the back view. You might get chocolate dripped down the stick a bit — that’s ok, you can clean that up later once the chocolate has dried, with a sharp knife. If you don’t get the tip of the tail covered in orange that’s also ok — just try your best to get all of the cake covered in this part. Any little spots you miss, go back and cover — I used a toothpick, dipped in the chocolate, to paint the melted candy back on to cover any bare spots. If you don’t get it covered completely, you can run into some stability problems later, so give it a good double check.

15. Front view again (sorry for the bad lighting).

16. See — floppy ears. Super cute.

17. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat until you have a tiny fox cake pop army. I have mine drying in floral green foam — works the best, and can be found at any craft store (I found this large one at Hobby Lobby). If you’ve never made cake pops before, make sure to poke your holes in advance — otherwise the pressure of trying to press your still-wet foxes into the foam can be too disruptive and you can actually damage the pop.

18. We’re almost done! Now for the details. Dip just the fox tails into your white melted chocolate candies again. I dipped all of mine once, then went back again to dip again twice. By the time I was done with the first round, they were dry enough to dip a second time. This gets the best, brightest white for your tails (since you are dipping white over the orange color).

19. Your next step — take an edible food pen, or black food gel, and draw on three small black dots for the eyes, and nose. If you want to draw on other expressions, you can do that here too.

20. And your last step — take a tiny food-safe paint brush, and some pink food gel, and paint on little pink cheeks onto the foxes. I thought it gave them such a cute final touch — loved the final look!

The front..

And the back. (I love this photo — the fox is so pensive, looking over at the front yard).

Display them in groups, in small canning jars.

And you’re done! Fox cake pops!

Fox Cake Pops!


Hello, fox.

Oh, hello to you too, fox.

I know. I say this a lot. But these fox cake pops — these are the cutest things I’ve ever made.

And I bet you believe me this time.

What you can’t see (and you’ll have to trust me, this was even cuter) — 30 fox cake pops. A tiny fox cakepop army. Of adorable foxes. And making them one by one, by hand? — made them cuter. Each with their own tiny expressions. Their own floppy ears. Their own bushy tails. Their tiny faces looking this way and that. It was the coolest thing I’ve had in my kitchen all week. And I just made that awesome cake. These were cooler.

But I did even one thing cooler on these little guys. I made a tutorial.

You’re going to love it.

And For Our Final Act.. Ninjago Cake Pops!

Ninjago cake pops!! Enough said.

Actually — consider this a sneak peak, more Ninjago birthday party pics to come soon! One more event for the weekend, so gotta get back to it.. just a quick break to show the last of the cake-pop madness! Next.. one super-cool cake, cupcakes galore, and another “super” thing or too.. you’ll see!

Then.. it’s supposed to be 70 degrees here.. it’s never this nice, so I’ll take a little break to see what natural sunlight is all about, then post the pics tomorrow! Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!

Super Hero Cake Pops!

I told you — wasn’t kidding about all the cake-pops! Killer on a work night schedule.. but this is an unusually high weekend order for me, so it really was a little cake-pop factory here yesterday! So I know I said the super-glitter were my favorite.. but, for a 3 year old’s birthday party — well, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. Cutie cake-pops for a cutie pie! Happy birthday to little “Super-G” Gage!

P.S. I’m giggling at the last photo’s editing.. I tried as best as I could to make cake pops look super-hero dramatic. Umm.. might not have pulled that off quite like I hoped. I’m not sure cake pops are meant to be so dramatic 🙂

Super Sparkle Cake Pops!

So that last post, where I said this was cake-pop madness Friday.. well, you have no idea. Here’s part two — we’ve got 2 more after this, but can’t ruin the surprise on those, so have to wait til after Saturday to post!

But these… those last cake pops have nothing on these cake pops! I cannot even tell you how cool these are in-person — serious disco-ball sparkle! The photos do not do these pops any justice, as hard as I tried to capture on film. Yes, definitely my very favorite cake pops yet. Yes, I love the girly pink too.. but these are just awesome!

Ok, that’s all for today.. cake-pop madness continues tomorrow!

Pink & Sparkles! — Cake Pop Friday

Just part one of this cake-pop Friday madness — for one of three events this weekend! More to come!

Bridal Shower Cake Pops

Yum. That’s all for now. Happy Saturday.

Springtime Cake Pops

Aww, cake pops are already so sweet, and these colors are so great! It’s almost like it’s Spring around here. You can almost see the wet grass out front, smell the pollen in the air. It hasn’t stopped raining in weeks. So yes, it must be Spring. So… that means it’s time for cake pops, right? Sure, why not!

My mom actually asked me to make these for a birthday surprise for her coworker at Molbak’s. I went for purple and orange, and was afraid they’d turned out too girly (he’s a guy) but, she says they were a big hit! I love cake pops. What a great idea, mom! Now, if I could just get someone to make me cake pops, I’d be a happy girl! In the meantime, I’m happy to be the one making them, and not eating them. Summer is right around the corner! Or at least I hope so.. if it ever stops raining! At least I have cake pops to cheer up those rainy days!

Hello Cupcake Cakepop

Holy batman. These are the cutest thing I’ve ever made.