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Tiramisu-Style Banana Bourbon Trifle

And the official reason we had too much (err– no such thing, but you know what I mean) mascarpone cream for the last post — this dessert. This was for a great dinner party my fantastic chef-friend threw a couple weekends ago, and this was our contribution. Our contribution, let me clarify, but his creation; specifically requested. And I will keep this in mind, for any other desserts that need to be designed. Because the combinations of flavors and textures worked perfectly.

Officially, this is a Tiramisu-style banana trifle — 4 layers of mascarpone cream, fresh banana bread brushed with a bourbon simple syrup, and flambéed bananas in a brown-sugar-butter bourbon and walnut sauce. Just like with traditional Tiramisu, it’s best to make this dish with plenty of time to spare, and let the flavors soak into one another before serving.

And yes — it is fun to flambé.





One thought on “Tiramisu-Style Banana Bourbon Trifle

  1. For our first dinner party in our new house …..could you please make this again with more booze baby ! So flipping good !

    Posted by Mark P | June 16, 2012, 5:53 pm

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