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Hello Monday!

First let me say quickly — I have many more photos than I have time to write posts, and much less time to write here than I would like! But when it’s a nice day out, and you have a real-world job to perform, you can’t always do everything you want to do. And what I want to do most is go outside. So — just a quick hello, and you can just keep in mind that I promise I have more to share, I promise!

Things like mini-Tiramisu, Swedish pancakes, cream scones, more cake pops, a mini-birthday cake, and grand 30th Birthday Zebra cake, homemade confetti cake, gumpaste sparkly stars, and a Banana Bourbon Tiramisu-style trifle dish. And yes I don’t like bananas, but this was actually delish.

So since I can’t decide what to post next, and I have three events this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night events) — and Father’s day next weekend — there will be even more to choose from soon! Yikes. So I better get to it.

In the meantime — an update of the non-baked-goods type: dogs! And look at how big the little girl is now! We’re all hoping to take a walk here in a few minutes, so you’ll have to excuse us for now. Hope everyone is having a great week!




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