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Birthday Portrait Cupcakes!

Oh yes. This could be you.

Your face, on a cupcake.

It’s.. the future of cupcakes! Hehe. Ok maybe we aren’t that far evolved quite yet.

While yes, this might seem just a little um, bizarre.. you could surprise that special someone by requesting literally any image on a cupcake (or even a cake, or a cookie) — and give them something very sincere, and original! And trust me, you’ll always get a fantastic reaction. Even if that reaction is shock, when seeing a dozen cupcakes with your face on them.

Now, let me tell you about these cupcakes (which have earned a place on my top-favorite-flavors-ever list) — these were a white cake, filled with passion fruit buttercream, with a macadamia-nut buttercream frosting. Both of which were new flavors for me (special request), but whoa — if you have not tried macadamia-nut butter before, first let me recommend that experience, which is pretty amazing in itself. Dry-roasted macadamias, Vitamix for 60 seconds, that’s it. A heavy-duty food processor could also probably do the job. From there, add the macadamia-nut butter to your buttercream (I used a lot, I love the flavor), blend to perfection.. yes, I ate this with a spoon. The entire flavor combination was just perfect. Very tropical, Hawaiian themed. Which reminds me.. need to think up some names for our cupcake flavors, but for now I’m happy calling it “White Cake with Passionfruit and Macadamia-nut Buttercream” — simple! You don’t have to get fancy with the name when the cupcakes themselves are fancy. This is a fact.

I particularly love the angry-face cupcakes. Because really, if someone is about to eat your face, that’s the kind of reaction you should have — “grr, don’t eat me.” Pretty fierce.



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