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An “Inside Joke” — Birthday Cake Surprise!

This cake was a request as a birthday surprise for a co-worker’s boyfriend. She and him have an inside joke — they have these miniature cardboard cut-outs of one another, that a friend made for them both when they went on separate vacations recently — and she wanted her “Flat Jesse” on his cake (a take on “Flat Stanley“) — to surprise him in front of his friends at dinner later that night.

The only requests: a “Flat Jesse” cake, holding a Corona Light (his beverage of choice), and that the cake be a sky blue (to make it more beachy). We choose a rich, moist chocolate cake, my favorite vanilla buttercream and a new flavor for the filling — banana cream. I’m definitely not a banana fan, but Lee is, and he loved it — and ok, even I tasted it (and it wasn’t awful, like bananas are). It was actually a great filling for the chocolate cake.

This was my first delivery that I drove out on my own, without assistance — also my first cake order that wasn’t a multi-tiered cake, which actually made it very easy to deliver — single layer cakes don’t threaten to topple over, and they fit securely in a box! We had no incidences, thankfully. As this was my first order for a single-layer cake, I wasn’t as happy with the design as I wanted be. I felt like it was missing something; height, mostly. I added the lettering (Happy Birthday) and felt a little better (this was at 1:00 am); left it alone for the night (at the insistance of my hubby), to later  come back and decide in the morning that I was much happier with the cake after a night of sleep. When I delivered the cake later that morning, she jumped up and down, squealed, and gave me a big hug. Which is exactly the type of reaction I love getting over a cake! She reported back the next day what a big hit the cake had been, and how much her boyfriend loved it.

Perfect ending! I love surprises.


(2 10-inch round, 4-layer fondant covered filled cake; serves 1″ portions for 38-40 people. Chocolate cake, banana cream filled, vanilla buttercream crumb-coated with fondant icing and fondant decorations. The Corona Light label is a printed edible image).





3 thoughts on “An “Inside Joke” — Birthday Cake Surprise!

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    Posted by Carrie | June 1, 2012, 8:38 am
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