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Gender Reveal Cupcakes!

So one of my best friends is expecting her second child, and although none of us were patient enough to throw an actual gender reveal party (having to withhold that information from their friends, the grandparents, maybe even themselves — impossible!), we did want to do something a little special to announce the news!

We made two batches of cupcakes — one with a pink, raspberry cream cheese filling, and another with blue, blackberry cream cheese filling. Both of the batches were a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, a clean crisp white to hide the reveal! This way the new parents-to-be would have both colors available, and could share the news as quickly as they could get to the grandparents house! Brilliant!

So.. the big question — did they get to find out what they’re expecting??

Yes — it’s a…

Boy!!! We’re so excited to meet you, baby Nieman!


(Sorry, pink! Maybe next time! Hehe.) —

Congrats you two!




One thought on “Gender Reveal Cupcakes!

  1. Love you, loved these! Such a special way to announce the big news. Thanks a million!

    Posted by shouldofeloped | May 9, 2012, 2:40 pm

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