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Bridal Shower Black & White Cake

I love this cake. Swoon.

This was a Red Velvet, 3-tiered buttercream cake for a bridal shower (yes, buttercream — no fondant). The bride’s colors were black and white, with just a touch of gold. The request for this cake was a simple, 2-3 tiered cake for a mixed-party bridal shower (so nothing too girly); the flavor was the only specific request, and maybe a hint that they’d be using black satin ribbon in the rest of the decor. The creative license was mine, and the design was original (see the cake design sketches here, here, and here — I ended up using the 2nd one). I’d had a few cakes I had wanted to recreate, but wasn’t excited about any black & white buttercream cakes I’d found, and ended up being happier with my own ideas (and end result).

I’ve wanted to see how smooth buttercream can get, and this was my opportunity. I had a few tricks up my sleeve, with lots of research.. but mostly, it was just patience. I kept smoothing and reapplying until I was happy with the smoothness; then chilled; then smoothed again. This went on a few times more. (Can you believe — this smooth with cream cheese frosting?). Always makes me a bit nervous to have full creative design — but it’s always my favorite, too. And I couldn’t be more pleased with how this cake turned out.

(2 7-inch round, 2 6-inch round, and 2 4-inch round tiers; serves 1″ portions for 40 people).




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