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New Site Feature — Archives! .. and Some Other Stuff!

Hello readers!

We’ve done a little redesign here on the website, and now have Archives available (at the top right-hand corner of the screen) — yes I know, very exciting news! Since you can only see the past 5 posts on the home page, now you can go back and see all of the posts at once, through all of 2012!


There’s also now a link to the Facebook page (juuust in case you’re lookin’ for it):

And finally, another way of sorting through archives: by month!

Look at my handsome hubby. Yeah, I cropped the image to make sure his face was right there. That was intentional.

So, any way you choose to check out the archives now, it’ll show you the posts in full; so if you’re hoping just to browse (past the 5 most recent posts on the home page) you can pretty much keep scrolling til the end of time. Same if you select any of the categories (cookies, cakes, etc) — then it’ll just show you the full posts under that specific category.


Ok, that’s all for today’s upkeep update I suppose..

Oh, wait, you want to hear more?

Well, ok then! That’s very sweet of you. I’ll try to keep this quick (but I do have a lot of things to talk about so please excuse me if I start to ramble!).

First — I don’t know if you saw all of the posts I’ve put out since last week, but I just want to say that

  1. yes, those were all one weekend’s worth of baking,
  2. no, I’m not even done posting (1 more event to go),
  3. no, I didn’t see my friends or family the entire time,
  4. yes, my dogs felt very excluded from all of the fun and tasty activities, and
  5. yes, I might have gained a few lbs in just a matter of 48 hrs.

I mean, I feel personally responsible for trying out the product I’m putting out there.. selfless, I know. So — no baking since Sunday.. going through a bit of withdrawal. I think I put in about 30 hrs, the Thursday-Saturday nights I prepped and baked. More, if you count Wednesday night (another late one), and Sunday (although by then, most of the hard work was done — phew!). So — yes, it’s feeling a little bit more like a real 2nd job — and yes.. I was sore for days. Those 30 hours were on my feet — I’ve worked a desk job for 5 years! Yeouch.

Anyway, #2 — one of my very favorite, most skilled and impressive cookie bloggers, Jill FCScommented on my post — because I had found her Ninjago cookies and been obsessed with making them myself — and she said I did a great job! And, she liked my page on Facebook! Oh my gosh. Made my day. And, that’s only the first part of my “celebrity obsession” of the week, because…

I met The Pioneer Woman.



And it was fantastic. And she was adorable. She was nervous, and sweating, and just cute. She gave a great presentation/speech (she even sang!) for the first hour or so, and then signed books, well.. probably signed books all night, since probably 1000 people (or more) showed up for the book signing. Holy moly.

Anyway. Yes. That was my biggest celebrity encounter, and certainly by proximity. I did once see Jude Law on the streets in NYC, back in 2009 (he was playing in Hamlet) — but we were walking, and he ducked out of the car, signed an autograph or two in front of the theatre, and then dashed in through the side door. But this.. she walked in front of me, face to face, and smiled and said hello. Sweee-eeeet! Yeah, I was a happy girl.

So — that’s all my news for now. I have two events this weekend, and then.. a vacation! Well, a short one. And in-between those, I’m going to put some serious work into my menu development — finding and testing recipes, deciding what desserts I want to offer (mini-serving type desserts) — and, I’m going to be making a call to Sears.. because my oven temps are not even. And it’s a new oven.. we got it late last summer. And it makes me very sad. And makes my back cupcakes crispy. And then I eat those.

You can see my problem.




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