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Kate & Co. Desserts + Party On Facebook!

Come check us out! Yes — it’s brand new.. and yes, it may be just a brand new way to become just that much more plugged in — but we’ve got some photos up there that never made it to the blog (i.e. mostly out of season, but still super cute) — so yes, it’s nearly 5pm and I’ve been working on this way too much today and having trouble ending this suuuuper long run-on sentence — but yes, it’s true, kate & co. is on Facebook, so come check us out!

Edit — disclaimer: I promise never to be rude and obnoxious, and never to be like this! We won’t be doing giveaways, I promise to still love you even if you don’t promote my website, and I will never make you do anything you feel uncomfortable doing (unless you are uncomfortable eating.. and then I can’t help you, I’m a baker). I debated creating a Facebook page, but ended up doing it for two reasons:

1. For the ease of availability. A Facebook page is easy to use & give out as a type of business contact page; seems like one of those business-type things that’s a good thing to do. So, in the idea of trying to make a successful business here, that’s the main motivation.

2. The idea that I can keep my business life and my personal life separate. At minimum, I can keep my hundreds (not quite, but close) of cake & cookie pages separate from my friend’s updates, since I’m starting to lose my ability to focus past cookie blogs and giveaway.. oh, yeesh. Sugar overload.

And that wraps up your disclaimer for the day, which was longer than the actual post. Sheesh! Hehe.



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