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Your Random Update From Kate&Co. !

Let’s talk business!

I haven’t baked anything new to show you.. ok, that’s the real reason for this post. But I thought I’d come in and say hi again, talk a little bit about what’s going on new at kate&co., and what’s going on in my business — exciting stuff!

First off, the company logo project was a huge hit. When the CEO came to me and asked if I could do logo goods, I said, sure.. then immediately started figuring out what I would need. Lee designed the logos I would use (which were my favorite versions). I ordered the highest quality tools available for custom logo-images in frosting sheets (a business investment, whoo) and waited patiently for everthing to arrive before going any further. I know how important it is to make the right first impression, so I was willing to wait for the right tools to come in. And so, a week or so later, to her surprise (she had no idea what I was capable of doing) — I made a great impression! Making someone happy, exceeding expectations especially when it’s something you’ve created, is very rewarding.

Speaking of new tools, I’ve made some very exciting purchases, and one of these days I will write a post of the tools I use (and the news ones, also). There are certain techniques and looks that you cannot achieve without the right tools, and now I have the right tools on the way! I also have a free weekend, this weekend — but the next two weeks are going to be busy, which means more content here for you guys! 4 events in two weekends (while working a full time job) — and with a possible late addition for mid-week next week; yes, I am thrilled. I just hope some of my more fun tools get here sooner rather than later, just so that I can have more fun with everything.

Next.. and here’s where we get more into real business talk —  prices have been listed on my contact page! At this time, all prices include local delivery (within the Greater Puget Sound area, including King, Snohomish and Skagit counties) and special packaging, as requested (such as ribbon ties, labels, etc). I am happy to give corporate discounts based on volume of order, and still offer friends and family referral discounts (contact me directly for information). I am not shipping any goods at this time — honestly, the idea terrifies me! I will need to practice in my packaging and shipping techniques first (friends, feel free to volunteer here) — I don’t want to ship anything that will be destroyed upon arrival! What an awful thought.

And finally, before I forget — boxes! This is the source behind the image of this post, but also where I’m at right now — contacting a local company for information and a quote on ordering boxes. I’ve found them online, but would love the idea to stay local if possible. And the company was highly recommended to me, personally, from Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes — so, I am very excited. Not that I will start out with a product like hers! — but one day, when I spend more time on my branding and product imaging, logo work etc. I love my doggies (and I’m pretty happy with the name also, kate&co. desserts + party — which is the name as shown on my WA State Business License) — but I really did not put a lot of energy or effort into the logo design, and will I’m sure change my mind.. like I very often do about these things.

So that’s about all for now! And as always, thanks for stopping by, I love that you do!

(image source via weheartit)




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