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Pink Ruffle Cake

First thing I have to say about making a ruffle cake — it’s much simpler than you would ever imagine (I recommend it highly!). It just makes for such a stunning presentation, and all you need is the right tip and a bit of patience (the above cake was my first try, no practice). Second thing I’d say — use a more solid buttercream, rather than a cream cheese frosting (which is what I did) — and you’ll get better results, which would have made for a slightly easier task. I don’t know that you can tell in the photos, but the frosting was a very soft, “fluffy” consistency, which tasted great! — but seriously threatened not to keep its shape (luckily we ate it pretty much right away). Take that, cake.

So yes, a traditional buttercream would have been the better choice, but this was a Red Velvet cake — you can’t not use cream cheese frosting. Then it’s just… well, a red colored chocolate cake. Actually, Red Velvet is something new to me, something I hadn’t tried before this year (I mean — what’s the big deal) . . well. It’s something pretty amazing, if you get the real thing. Which this was. So it’s ok my ruffles were a little droopy — I think it just adds to the appeal! What a cute thing on a cake, ruffles. Who knew.

Red Velvet with pale pink ruffles.. a little bit retro.. a perfect birthday cake!



3 thoughts on “Pink Ruffle Cake

  1. I love this! I never saw it! I want one 🙂

    Posted by shouldofeloped | April 5, 2012, 1:24 pm

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