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Hello Flower Cake — & 18th Birthday!

This cake was much bigger than it looks. I intended on making a smaller, cutesy cake for my cousin’s 18th birthday. She was just having a few friends over. They probably had leftovers. I definitely should have come by the next day.

The flowers were much more beautiful in person. I hand-colored the fondant, and hand-placed each sugar-sprinkle center into the center of each hand-cut flower. I brushed on the disco dust (to give them sparkle), and then let them dry for 48 hrs, covered on the kitchen counter. It was my first attempt making sugarpaste flowers. These were very simply done, intentionally — and I didn’t count how many I had, so I can’t impress you with that number. But it was probably hundreds. Or maybe like 60.

The best part of this cake — the inside! (it’s always my favorite part of the cake). I made a white lemon cake with vanilla buttercream (my favorite) — tinted pink, and a Meyer lemon curd filled center. And I wasn’t fooling around — I hand squeezed the lemons (I went through 12 lemons, zest and all). It was amazing.

I made shortbread cookies later in the week to eat with the leftover lemon curd.


I love lemons.



One thought on “Hello Flower Cake — & 18th Birthday!

  1. GORGEOUS!!! Love the pink flowers!! So girly!!

    Posted by jo@blog-diggidy | February 24, 2012, 12:44 pm

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