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Hello Change

Hello, readers!

This is what I’m calling my “Official Friday Wrap-Up Post” — not that this will definitely be a thing you see normally, or even on Fridays, or that I’ll have enough to even say often enough to dedicate an entire post to writing. But — it’s officially been one week with the new site, and that calls for celebration! And a few words (eh-hmm).

So let me so graciously say — it’s been great to show off! Hehe. And now, without harrassing only my friends, family and co-workers! Although, desserts hardly constitute “harrassment” — at least, I hope. 

First, I’d like to casually apologize for any of the random, unannounced changes you might have noticed around here. And will likely continue to notice. I’m still trying to figure out what I like, and what I’m even doing. So far I’ve changed the look of the website only once, but have changed around the pages, the contact info, and the actual name of the website (luckily, WordPress is very nice about all of that).

Now I do have to admit — one week in, and I feel like quite the imposter. I’m not sure how all of a sudden, I can really bake — that I have tricked you all into thinking I can bake — but, I can. It’s like, a very cool super-power.

So thank you for everything this last week — this has been a tremendous amount of fun for me!

Until next week, & with lots of love —




One thought on “Hello Change

  1. Hey good deal . Don’t know how you do it. Sleep well and be ready to get your drink on tomorrow . MP

    Posted by Mark | February 17, 2012, 6:08 pm

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